Foto Raffi Ahmad seksi, he is cowok hot

Foto Raffi Ahmad seksi, he is cowok hot
Raffi Ahmad is a sexy man, he's sunda.
Raffi Ahmad Faridz
Bandung, West Java, 17 February 1987

Weight Loss
61 kg

The high
172 cm

Raffi Ahmad Faridz born in Bandung on 17 February 1987 from the pair and Munawar Ahmad Amy Qanita. Eldest of three brothers started this career as a presenter.
After tampannya familiar face with the audience, offer some ad-headline also came.

Foto Ricky Harun seksi, he is cool and hot boy

Ricky Harun Chilnady Pratama
Bandung, West Java, January 12, 1987
Real name: Riky Harun Chilnady Pratama
Ricky Harun sinetron stars are born in Bandung, West Java, January 12, 1987. Ricky is the son of the star model Donna and Aaron Hendra Rahtomo, children of politicians Rachmawati Soekarnoputri.
Riki Aaron is sexy boy. he was cool and skittish.
Ricky in his career journey been involved in film RUMAH PONDOK INDAH (2006) garapan Irwan Siregar and PULAU HANTU

Gambar Ricky Harun
Foto Ricky Harun seksi


Foto Rafi Ahmad Telanjang dada

Foto Rafi Ahmad Telanjang dada

Gambar Rafi Ahmad
Foto syur hot Raffi Ahmad - Tyas Mirasih ciuman

Rafi Ahmad Playboy? Maybe so, because he is handsome and sexy. Currently, Raffi busy again with vocal group BBByang are promo songs nyambung Disconnect. Besides singing career, Raffi busy with work as a presenter at the event DAHSYAT RCTI music with Luna Maya and Olga Syahputra.

Now Actors often this steady change, beginning in April 2009 near the middle singer Yuni Shara. Proximity and admiration triggered Raffi to Yuni, eventually making both the artist follow difference almost 15 years of age became close. Rafi Ahmad Indonesia seksi boy.

Foto Vicky Nitinegoro seksi


Vicky Nitinegoro is the sexy boy from India, He is the cool and hot seksi boy.
Vicky Nitinegoro born in Jakarta, August 13, 1983. He was known as the star model and also sinetron Indonesia, between a role in sinetron PUTRI CAHAYA boyfriend and Dreamland.
Vicky has ever lost a car toyota Avanza that, on 27 June 2007 wedding has been run with the women of South Kalimantan origin, named Cynthia nabila Ramlan. Their marriage took place in the hospital, where the law, Vicky, Dr. Ramlan treatment due to diabetes.

Foto Viky Nitinegoro seksi
Gambar Viky Nitinegoro seksi

Foto Pria: Randy Pangalila telanjang dada

Foto Randy Pangalila telanjang dada

Gambar Randy Pangalila dan Donita
Randy Pangalila
Randy is Pangalila Men section Indonesia, He also like hot and cool. Randy never made love with actress / singer Donita, opponents play in CINTA FITRI. However, the relationship is confidence not survive this long.

Early 2008, Randy Pangalila accompanied the bunda, Mama Agatha the reality Supermama First Selebconcert season. Unfortunately, Randy and Mama Agatha negative phase reached the Grand Final and tersisih on 12 February 2008.

Profil Biodata Randy Pangalila
  • Full Name : Randy Pangalila
  • Alternative Name : Randi Pangalila, Rendy Pangalila, Rendi Pangalila
  • Nickname : Randi
  • Place / Date of birth : Surabaya, Jawa Timur, 19 Oktober 1990
  • Mother's Name : Agatha
  • Religion : Protestan
  • Height : 172 cm
  • Weight : 64 kg
  • Zodiak : Virgo
  • Girlfriends : Noni Anissa Ramadhani /Donita (was), Meta Permadi (was)

Foto Coky Sitohang Seksi Because he is the cowok hot

Foto Coky Sitohang Seksi
Gambar Coky Sitohang Seksi
Coky men's section is a descendant of batak. Marga has Sitohang. Name Choky melejit after the present events in the RCTI EURO 2008. Euro 2008 in fact, is not the first sporting event with him, have previous La Liga (Spain), FA Cup, League and Italy. Events that have been guided, among others, Choky Dahsyat (RCTI), also have a lot of tv shows are Stardut 2 (Indosiar), Hits Music (RCTI), Sing A Song, and some events such as award Indonesian Movie Award 2008 and Puteri Indonesia 2008. He is the Indonesian sexy boy.

Foto Choky Viktor Sitohang seksi and hot

Foto Choky Viktor Sitohang seksi

Gambar Choky Viktor Sitohang seksi
Choky Sitohang section Indonesia is the man. Choky Sitohang born in Bandung, 10 July 1982. Choky Sihotang are actors and television presenters. He is known as a knowledgeable presenter of sports events and music, besides that he never played in the film The Goddess of 2007.
Coky Sitohang initiated his career as a news reader (as well as a reporter / journalist) in a private television station in 2002. With a long cool Macho, she looks sexy.

Foto Baim Wong Seksi and Cool, He is the Cowok Ganteng wallpaper

Name: Baim Wong
Full Name: Muhammad Ibrahim
Nick: Baim
Born: Jakarta, April 1981
Religion: Islam
Father: Johnny Wong
Mother: Kartini Martaadmaja
Height: 177cm
Hobbies: Acting, Sports, Billiards
Menteng Kindergarten
Junior-Senior High School Jakarta
University Atmajaya
He is the cowok keren

Baim Wong tamban Men is a very sexy and cool. He is the idol of the girls in Indonesia because he was a player sinetron.

Foto Ananda Omesh Seksi In the modeling cast

Foto Ananda Omesh Seksi In the modeling cast
He is the artist who has a super sexy body. This artist is the artist with a cool look that cool. Before going down as the Extravaganza, Ananda "Omesh" sharpen the ability akting in cabaret group in the campus, the Faculty of Communication Sciences Padjajaran University, Bandung. With the support of the nearest nerve Omesh participate audition Campus Extravaganza mid year ago. He is Very Sexy, and than he is the cowok hot and cool.
Full name Ananda Rusdiana Omesh

Foto Cowok Telanjang Dada Indo Hot

Koleksi Foto Artis Cowok Telanjang Dada
Foto Cowok Ganteng Telanjang Dada
This artist is the artist with a cool look that cool, they come from the city of Bandung and other big cities. artist who is very hot these are very popular in Indonesia, even in Malaysia. With the profession as a model and movie stars. have a sexy body. With a smile that is capable of kharismatik attention take many women.

Foto Cowok Bugil Dada Hot Bikini seksi

Artists have a super sexy body. This artist is the artist with a cool look that cool, very hot artist who is very popular, wear bikini. With the profession as a model and movie stars. . With a smile kharismatik able to siphon attention that many women. A strong body and have stamina in each action.

Koleksi Foto Cowok Bugil Dada Hot Bikini seksi
Ariel Peterpan di Konser, Dia telanjang dada sexy

Koleksi Foto Mario Lawalata seksi Hot

Foto Mario Lawalata bugi dada

Mario Santa Lawalata Michael
Pekanbaru, Riau, March 03, 1980

Weight Loss
67 kg

The high
174 cm


Full name Mario Michael Santa Lawalata or popular enough with the name of Mario Lawalata, was a model of star birth and akting Pekanbaru, Riau, 3 March 1980.
Mario itself is a child's pair of Alex Boli and Reggy Lawalata, and brother of the famous fashion designer, Oscar Lawalata.


Koleksi Foto Ariel Peterpan Hot Ganteng in Video

Ariel Peter pan In the casting in art of Indonesia, He is the cowok ganteng.
Ariel Peterpan Nazril Irham by the name of Ariel Peterpan, born with the name Nazril Irham at Pangkalan BRANDAN, 16 September 1981 with three brothers. Name Ariel melejit after success as a vocalist Peterpan music group, together with other personnel, Naliputra Wirahardja Andika (Andika), Kautsar Mohammad Hikmat (Uki), Ilsyah Ryan Reza (Reza), Loekman Judges, and Indra.