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Sexy photo of Indra l. Brugman. The picture of Indra L. brugman
When he was in the pose. in age of 25 years is at once pesinetron presenter Dhini Aminarti. In the middle of happy event celebrates birthday with the crew, Dhini share stories about kebahagiaannya.

Many colleagues Dhini Aminarti that provide safe. One only is Indra L. Brugman. Indra say goodbye to Dhini through SMS. We all know, Indra L. Brugman is manatan inamorato Dhini, but who think that, two sejoli that this is still a relationship Silahturahmi strap.

With a full smile Dhini said that Indra also happy birthday to give to himself. According Dhini, although it has long dropped out, he and Indra still keep in touch. In fact, they are often telling stories about their lives.

The Photo of Tora Sudiro Gallery picture

Since digosipkan have a special relationship with Mieke Amalia, Tora Sudiro seems to keep distance with the media. Wretched time request an interview with the father of two children.

Including when he came to the radio Hard Rock FM Surabaya for the newest promo movie my name is Dick. After the event, Tora would receive only two questions

Foto Glenn Alinskie, Glen alinski Is very Sexy boy

Glen is very seksi. Ralph has a full name Alinskie Glenn was born in Jakarta, 19 October 1988. He was known as the new actors, who have a number of headline senitron.

Son of Linda and Richard pair Alinskie, since the young have akting interest in the world, ever since beginning his career to become a champion Coverboy teenage magazine. And subsequent role in sinetron Prince teaser with a role as Alan. The name is known at a role in sinetron BOOK HARIAN NAYLA success with the role of Moses with Chelsea Olivia.

Sinetron while others have been and are among dibintanginya, INTAN, BABY DOLL, PENGANTIN Adolescent (guest stars), SELAMAT JALAN NATASYA and sister IPARKU 17 YEARS.Foto Glenn Alinskie, Glen alinski Is very Sexy boy

Foto Fedi Nuril, Heis the sexy boy

Fedi Nuril is the birth of stars akting Indonesia Jakarta, 1 July 1982, the quarrel had been in the world model. First film titled pursue MATAHARI (2004) director Rudy Soedjarwo landing.
In addition Fedi also known as Garage band personnel group, with Ayu Ratna and Aries Budiman. The three star and film director with the landing Sentausa Agung in 2006, the Garage with the title, as their band name for the group.
Other films that have been dibintangi Fedi, among Janji Joni (2005), I INIKAH CINTA, what does it mean CINTA, including FTV SPAGETTY and SUPER MODEL.
Fedi film is the latest AYAT-AYAT CINTA landing Hanung Bramantyo. Where in the film lifted from the novel works Habiburrahman El Shirazy with the same title, the main role Fedi get as Fahri bin Abdullah Shiddiq, a student of the science center in Cairo, Egypt.
Fedi's career from the world model. In addition to a model in the catwalk, Fedi also frequently appear as a magazine cover or ad stars. D3 Accounting Graduates, University of Indonesia and then get this offer from Rudy Soedjarwo to pursue film star Sun (2004). After that, Fedi often play to the big screen, such as What I Mean? (2005) and Janji Joni (2005). Until in 2006, Mira Lesmana mengajaknya playing in the movie Garage (2006) with Ayu Ratna and Aries Budiman.

The Photos Of Afgan Syah Reza , Heis very sexy Boy From Indonesia and his video is very good

Who is him? This is the sexy picture of Afgan.
Afgan Syah Reza is a newcomer in the world of Indonesian music. Attendance by the debut album NO.1 confession in January 2008.

In the album produced by Want to B Production and distributed by PT Sony-BMG is comprised of 13 songs. Where are the songs as the song Thank You Love, engraving and Time Without Borders video klipnya dibintangi Thalita Latief with director Jose Purnomo.

With the color of music influenced pop, soul, R & B and jazz, this album involve musicians familiar, such as Morning LMN, Harry Budiman (producer Appliances), Deddy Dhukun, Dian HP and Bebi Romeo as a composer.

Afgan own children is the second of four brothers pair Purnama Lola and John Loyd. Born in Jakarta, 27 May 1989, he was great in the family it music, which then opens the opportunity to develop his career.

The Photos Of Teuku Wisnu, He is very Sexy Boy From Indonesia, And He is The star movie

Who is Him?
The Picture of Teuku Wisnu. Vishnu is Teuku stars sinetron bloody Aceh, the birth of Jakarta, 4 March 1985. Vishnu was a student FISIP Department of International Relations University Moestopo Jakarta and has a number of star sinetron, film, TV ads and persenter.

Vishnu stars as a model ever headline and ad Frestea Fren. Meanwhile, as akting stars, men in the Farel sinetron CINTA FITRI has star sinetron The SAYANG, CINTA BENAR BENAR, TWO heart, SI BRIDGE Manis Ancol (legend) and CINTA FITRI that up to now is still running on SCTV.

Men who had been the program presenter monkey love reality show also had to play in the big screen film, RED LENTERA Gue kapok and fall in love.

Foto Lucky Perdana, Luky is very Best art

Lucky Perdana born pair of Bambang Puji and K as the first of three brothers. Lucky is a Muslim. Career begins when you first register as a model in one of the teen magazine in Indonesia. After winning the 2002 Top Guest, Luky began to be flooded in a bid to play sinetron. Some of the sinetron followed is already close Calamity 2, Dreamland guy, Prince teaser, Candy, the Queen, and Safira.Foto Lucky Perdana, Luky is very Best art