Foto Fedi Nuril, Heis the sexy boy

Fedi Nuril is the birth of stars akting Indonesia Jakarta, 1 July 1982, the quarrel had been in the world model. First film titled pursue MATAHARI (2004) director Rudy Soedjarwo landing.
In addition Fedi also known as Garage band personnel group, with Ayu Ratna and Aries Budiman. The three star and film director with the landing Sentausa Agung in 2006, the Garage with the title, as their band name for the group.
Other films that have been dibintangi Fedi, among Janji Joni (2005), I INIKAH CINTA, what does it mean CINTA, including FTV SPAGETTY and SUPER MODEL.
Fedi film is the latest AYAT-AYAT CINTA landing Hanung Bramantyo. Where in the film lifted from the novel works Habiburrahman El Shirazy with the same title, the main role Fedi get as Fahri bin Abdullah Shiddiq, a student of the science center in Cairo, Egypt.
Fedi's career from the world model. In addition to a model in the catwalk, Fedi also frequently appear as a magazine cover or ad stars. D3 Accounting Graduates, University of Indonesia and then get this offer from Rudy Soedjarwo to pursue film star Sun (2004). After that, Fedi often play to the big screen, such as What I Mean? (2005) and Janji Joni (2005). Until in 2006, Mira Lesmana mengajaknya playing in the movie Garage (2006) with Ayu Ratna and Aries Budiman.