Foto Glenn Alinskie, Glen alinski Is very Sexy boy

Glen is very seksi. Ralph has a full name Alinskie Glenn was born in Jakarta, 19 October 1988. He was known as the new actors, who have a number of headline senitron.

Son of Linda and Richard pair Alinskie, since the young have akting interest in the world, ever since beginning his career to become a champion Coverboy teenage magazine. And subsequent role in sinetron Prince teaser with a role as Alan. The name is known at a role in sinetron BOOK HARIAN NAYLA success with the role of Moses with Chelsea Olivia.

Sinetron while others have been and are among dibintanginya, INTAN, BABY DOLL, PENGANTIN Adolescent (guest stars), SELAMAT JALAN NATASYA and sister IPARKU 17 YEARS.Foto Glenn Alinskie, Glen alinski Is very Sexy boy