The Photos Of Teuku Wisnu, He is very Sexy Boy From Indonesia, And He is The star movie

Who is Him?
The Picture of Teuku Wisnu. Vishnu is Teuku stars sinetron bloody Aceh, the birth of Jakarta, 4 March 1985. Vishnu was a student FISIP Department of International Relations University Moestopo Jakarta and has a number of star sinetron, film, TV ads and persenter.

Vishnu stars as a model ever headline and ad Frestea Fren. Meanwhile, as akting stars, men in the Farel sinetron CINTA FITRI has star sinetron The SAYANG, CINTA BENAR BENAR, TWO heart, SI BRIDGE Manis Ancol (legend) and CINTA FITRI that up to now is still running on SCTV.

Men who had been the program presenter monkey love reality show also had to play in the big screen film, RED LENTERA Gue kapok and fall in love.