The Foto Dude Herlino young artis seksi

Dude Harlino is sinetron actors and film the big screen the birth of Jakarta, 2 December 1980. Popular role, while supporting the succession DISINI ADA SATAN, both versions of sinetron or wide screen, with Ririn Dwi Arianty.

Men who have read this hobby, the way his career has been star sinetron HERE ADA SATAN (DADS), a ring, Acts Adinda, Promise, Heaven-MU, GATE Hidayah, BUNGA DI wayside, CINTA is, the promise, sister and IPARKU 17 YEARS She. In addition to the joint support Naysila Mirdad sinetron INTAN success.

Dude himself, at this time for a relationship with a woman named Citra Trianita, who currently studying in Australia. Women are perhaps dipertemukan by close friends, Ririn Dwi Arianty.

The foto of Anjasmara , He is the cowok seksi

The foto of Anjasmara , He is the cowok seksi

Foto of Anjasmara cowok seksi

Anjas is very seksi, he is very sweet boy


Anjasmara Prasetya
or popular with the name Anjasmara is a star sinetron and film the big screen. Was born in Blitar, East Java, 13 November 1975, Anjas career as the star model.

Name the star sinetron meroket when Romi AND JULI with his wife, Dian Nitami which at that time still a kekasihnya. Anjas who claim to want to concentrate as the model, it is increasingly busy with the world sinetron. Men's role as' idiotic 'and funny in sinetron SI CECEP, deliver himself reach SCTV Award, Most Popular Actor category.

While the stage for the big screen, Anjas been playing as Joshua's father in the film Joshua, OH, Joshua production in 2000.

As a major celebrities, Anjasmara never face a major problem, ie, when photographs taken for an exhibition event reap a claim from a religious mass organizations. The photo shows the image with the naked photos Anjas model Isabel Yahya was considered poison the next generation and demonstrate pornography.

The foto of Ari Wibowo very sweet Boy

Arianto Wibowo
, the original name. However, male births, Berlin, Germany, 26 December 1970 is better known by the name Ari Wibowo. Stars of the dashing career as a model of stars, the next follow brother, Ira Wibowo, as stars and film akting sinetron.

Ari originally known as the actors in the fight with aktingnya sinetron fight like thunder and dust Jacky. Men who had a red belt taekwondo that had joined the music group Cool Colors of the personelnya Ari Sihasale, Surya Saputra, and Johandy Yahya.

Meanwhile, related private life, Ari diisukan the previous close to many women, finally decided to get married Inge Anugrah in Australia. Of marriage, both of them was a child, Kenzo Wibowo, who was born on 2 February 2008

Foto of DJ Winky wiryawan, Winki Cowok cool

The photos of DJ Winky wiryawan, Winki is very good artist

Night life is in contact with winky Wiryawan profession as a disc jockey or DJ. But, in fact, he began to recognize "the sparkling" alias dugem is not sesuad a DJ, but he sedari teenagers.

I winky, he has to know dugem since the age of 14 years, while still high school. "At the beginning high school, class I ngajak sister to play night club. Aja fraudulent. The exclamation," reminded the man, who was born on 9 December 1978 on this.

In that opportunity, winky interested to see the event DJ. Situlah of interest appears to be a DJ. "I see exciting DJ, keren banget, and I learn and can be," said the film and this sinetron. "And, so now utamaku livelihood.

Foto Rezky aditya, Reski is Foto cowok seksi

After a successful play in sinetron claimed that leaders must act as a very cuek, Aditya Resky career continues soaring rise. Take bids for the bid, as recently he has completed a film garapan a PH (Production House) where Resky contracted eklusive.

Artis of sinetron Resky striping Aditya start playing saturated sinetron, although busy with syuting sinetronnya titled "MARVELS" This, Resky still menyempatkan themselves to play with his friends. Resky share a few stories that matter his tired. However, saturation on with and enjoy taking hikmahnya only.Foto Rezky aditya, Reski is Foto cowok seksi

Riski photos

Foto of Aldi Taher is very sexy picture

Relationship with the Jonas Brothers Aldi Taher seems more serious. Both are now sticky like an envelope and stamp. Gossip Aldi marry Dewi Persik series also merebak. However, both disputed the gossip is.

Men who have with the court digosipkan Jonas Brothers, Aldi Taher, very attention to the Goddess. Aldi pedangdut that accompany it are sick.

As is known, as a result of exhaustion and mudik show, Dewi pain and was UGD. The former wife of Jamil Saipul it was dehydration

Foto of Aldi Taher is very sexy picture

Foto of Ibra Azhari, Ashari is very sexy

Foto of Ibra Azhari, Ashari is very sexy

Azhari family has many members who are in the world of entertainment. Among them can be called Ayu Azhari, Ibra Azhari, Sarah Azhari and Rahma Azhari, each known as the celebrities who often play sinetron. Maybe from here so that Ayu Azhari have ideas to create unique works of Azhari Family.

Ayu is planning to bring Sarah and the new Rahma trio in the new album.

According to a former wife Temmu this, penggarapan album is currently still in the making.

But when completed will be released especially bleum still be determined now because of their occupation of each. "So this album penggarapan we do time possible,"

The foto of derbi Romero, he is the young model pria

The foto of derbi Romero, he is the young model pria

Derby aged 18 this year, has menjajal aktingnya via FTV produced by MNC Pictures in the year 2008. Now Derby syuting active sinetron entitled cocoon that every day by SCTV.
After the adventure Sherina, Derby was involved in one other wide-screen film titled Janus: LAST soldiers in 2003. In addition berakting, Derby had also tried peruntungannya as a presenter at the ceremony FANTASIANA shown by TransTV in 2002.

The photos gallery of Derby Romero is fery sexy

The young boy of Indonesia, he is very sexy and cute. Besides busy syuting sinetron, Derby take the middle course of law this way, starting menjajal capabilities in the field of music. Through the duo formed a group, Duo Derby, he menggandeng pianists Iras Dorallen. The first single released is Gelora Asmara previously been brought by Groove Bandit on the album TWO YEARS AFTER in 2007. Of course aransemen with the new colors that match the voice Derby. The first single is also included in the soundtrack sinetron cocoon diperankannya.

Derby are currently being made love with new artists, Inggrid Pangalila, which is the sister of artist Randy Pangalila. Although older age Inggrid year's Derby, but their relationship has been running for two years. They do not make a difference this age.

Foto Cowok seksi of Indo bugil telanjang dada

The sexy of young boys models of Indonesia with the coverboy in the megazine. They are Ariel Peterpan,and friends. The photographer high intelegeny for their model by sexy pose. Foto Cowok Seksi of Indo bugil telanjang dada.
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The foto of Ariel peterpan with Luna maya sexy photos of the young model

Household was the man who is close to the star Luna Maya was in mid-2007 the crisis. Although not definitive, the man who was linked up divorce household Andara Early-Ferry ME, the accused has a craving another woman.

News divorce they santer the buzz end of 2007, although Ariel membantahnya always. Finally, in February 2008, Ariel officially enter divorce-divorce suit up Sarah Amalia in the Religious Jakarta. Peak on 27 May 2008, both formally accept divorce decision.

Ariel's widower again approach their relationship with Luna Maya, the relationship that now sprout again. But they still avoid closeness they defined as a pair of lovers.

Newspapers had appeared, if the status is now widower Ariel diperebutkan two beautiful women, between Luna Maya and singer Aura Kasih. However, this too is not answered to by Ariel.

In addition to career play, it appeared that Ariel began to chop the ad. Because the saturation a little, he tried to start a new world for him. Stars ads and become a choice at this time. Ariel became stars Sunsilk shampoo ad with Amy Lee model.

Photos Of Aldy,aldi Fairuz sexy picture for your wallpaper in the mobile

Shireen Long time relationship and Sungkar Adly Fairuz, the key trust. Waffle miring people, is considered the test and trial that I add my. Salutnya, I have macem-macem court, but the style Islamic court today. He said, though blessing.

"Relationships we currently adequately, on the news that says that we have already dropped out, not true. Evidence, until now, we are both still with the road, "I shireen Sungkar, where, in between the video clips group syuting new bands.

Other evidence, the relationship Aldy Fairus shireen Sungkar and become better each day. "We both always try to understand each other and understand. Kongkritnya example, shireen now have a more intimate.

Foto of Aril peterpan seksi boy

Ariel Biography:

Ariel familiar with the name of Ariel Peterpan, born with the name Nazril Irham at Pangkalan BRANDAN, 16 September 1981 with three brothers. Name Ariel melejit as a vocalist after a successful music group Peterpan, together with other personnel, Naliputra Wirahardja Andika (Andika), Kautsar Mohammad Hikmat (Uki), Ilsyah Ryan Reza (Reza), Loekman Judges, and Indra.

Menunggumu a song reputedly dibawakannya collaborate with Chrisye is still sitting at his work in the Public High School (SMU), before the friend, as the founder of Peterpan Andika, then mengajaknya to join the band. Ariel was a university student Parahyangan Bandung that is, the more successful joint success Peterpan albums.

Related private life, never marrying Ariel Sarah Amalia, who still has family relationship with DJ Wiryawan winky. Marriage is when they invite controversy and media coverage. Amelia who was pregnant at the responsibility of Ariel for engaged women. No less effort winky Wiryawan participate in the media speak for 'urgent' father from anata Alleia it.

Foto Vino G sebastian seksi

Vino G Bastian, born in Jakarta, 24 March 1982, initiated his career as the star model and then expand the kasting wing film 30 DAYS MENCARI CINTA (2004), which is the debut film.

Landing in the film's director UPI Avianto, vino portray characters who dream school children formed a band group. Movie actress dibintanginya with Nirina Zubir, Maria Agnes, Dinna Olivia, and Revaldo.

Youngest son of the author Bastian Tito, Wiro Sableng comic author, more known sosoknya through the first film, and Erwin Arnada, Rexinema director, to re-install in the film END SCHOOL NOTES (2005) director Hanung Bramantyo landing.

Vino next film titled reality, CINTA DAN ROCK n ROLL (2006), landing director Avianto UPI. Film production is Virgo Putra Film dibintanginya with Herjunot Ali and daughter of Indonesia Nadine Chandrawinata. Bid and subsequent film came to him in swift, among MESSAGE FROM Heaven (2006), Badai Pasti Berlalu remake (2007), chocolate and STROWBERI ABOUT CINTA.

Foto Aldi Fairus on the star of high movie

Foto Aldi Fairus on the star of high movie
Love affair between artist and Aldi Fairus shireen Shungkar few days ago that decorate the face infotainment television screen makes me want to comment on their relationship together. Chumminess shown in front of both of them in general does not directly imply that they are engaged. Although a site in the entertainment they disputed the relationship. They thought that their relationship only as a sister and brother. However, the public can not dibohongi with their statement. Public still has considered them together.

Which I draw attention is that their relationship is very intimate as though there is no obstacle in their relationship. In front of the populace they tempak intimate hands side by side, two to go and things to do for that person being kasmaran.

From where I interested to provide my opinion on the relationship both of them. In this case I try to highlight their relationship in a frame with the use of communication theory Dramatic Pentad (DP)
Shireen Sungkar relationship with Aldi fairuz, very good, and rarely made gossip.
In general, DP is a presumption that the person in the world as valid play or play in a drama. DP theory is initiated by Kenneth Burke and Erveying Goffman. Because of the strike two then there are two versions of the theory of this DP. Kenneth Burke in communicating thought, human action is intentional conduct and have a specific purpose and goal. In making a deliberate action or "akting" human being has the power to create, use and misuse symbol. That's because human beings as biological and neurologis. Then why play the human drama in everyday life? That is because human beings often be feeling guilty. Feeling guilty because the man was showing himself as being perfect.