The foto of Anjasmara , He is the cowok seksi

The foto of Anjasmara , He is the cowok seksi

Foto of Anjasmara cowok seksi

Anjas is very seksi, he is very sweet boy


Anjasmara Prasetya
or popular with the name Anjasmara is a star sinetron and film the big screen. Was born in Blitar, East Java, 13 November 1975, Anjas career as the star model.

Name the star sinetron meroket when Romi AND JULI with his wife, Dian Nitami which at that time still a kekasihnya. Anjas who claim to want to concentrate as the model, it is increasingly busy with the world sinetron. Men's role as' idiotic 'and funny in sinetron SI CECEP, deliver himself reach SCTV Award, Most Popular Actor category.

While the stage for the big screen, Anjas been playing as Joshua's father in the film Joshua, OH, Joshua production in 2000.

As a major celebrities, Anjasmara never face a major problem, ie, when photographs taken for an exhibition event reap a claim from a religious mass organizations. The photo shows the image with the naked photos Anjas model Isabel Yahya was considered poison the next generation and demonstrate pornography.