Foto Vino G sebastian seksi

Vino G Bastian, born in Jakarta, 24 March 1982, initiated his career as the star model and then expand the kasting wing film 30 DAYS MENCARI CINTA (2004), which is the debut film.

Landing in the film's director UPI Avianto, vino portray characters who dream school children formed a band group. Movie actress dibintanginya with Nirina Zubir, Maria Agnes, Dinna Olivia, and Revaldo.

Youngest son of the author Bastian Tito, Wiro Sableng comic author, more known sosoknya through the first film, and Erwin Arnada, Rexinema director, to re-install in the film END SCHOOL NOTES (2005) director Hanung Bramantyo landing.

Vino next film titled reality, CINTA DAN ROCK n ROLL (2006), landing director Avianto UPI. Film production is Virgo Putra Film dibintanginya with Herjunot Ali and daughter of Indonesia Nadine Chandrawinata. Bid and subsequent film came to him in swift, among MESSAGE FROM Heaven (2006), Badai Pasti Berlalu remake (2007), chocolate and STROWBERI ABOUT CINTA.