Foto Aldi Fairus on the star of high movie

Foto Aldi Fairus on the star of high movie
Love affair between artist and Aldi Fairus shireen Shungkar few days ago that decorate the face infotainment television screen makes me want to comment on their relationship together. Chumminess shown in front of both of them in general does not directly imply that they are engaged. Although a site in the entertainment they disputed the relationship. They thought that their relationship only as a sister and brother. However, the public can not dibohongi with their statement. Public still has considered them together.

Which I draw attention is that their relationship is very intimate as though there is no obstacle in their relationship. In front of the populace they tempak intimate hands side by side, two to go and things to do for that person being kasmaran.

From where I interested to provide my opinion on the relationship both of them. In this case I try to highlight their relationship in a frame with the use of communication theory Dramatic Pentad (DP)
Shireen Sungkar relationship with Aldi fairuz, very good, and rarely made gossip.
In general, DP is a presumption that the person in the world as valid play or play in a drama. DP theory is initiated by Kenneth Burke and Erveying Goffman. Because of the strike two then there are two versions of the theory of this DP. Kenneth Burke in communicating thought, human action is intentional conduct and have a specific purpose and goal. In making a deliberate action or "akting" human being has the power to create, use and misuse symbol. That's because human beings as biological and neurologis. Then why play the human drama in everyday life? That is because human beings often be feeling guilty. Feeling guilty because the man was showing himself as being perfect.