The Foto Dude Herlino young artis seksi

Dude Harlino is sinetron actors and film the big screen the birth of Jakarta, 2 December 1980. Popular role, while supporting the succession DISINI ADA SATAN, both versions of sinetron or wide screen, with Ririn Dwi Arianty.

Men who have read this hobby, the way his career has been star sinetron HERE ADA SATAN (DADS), a ring, Acts Adinda, Promise, Heaven-MU, GATE Hidayah, BUNGA DI wayside, CINTA is, the promise, sister and IPARKU 17 YEARS She. In addition to the joint support Naysila Mirdad sinetron INTAN success.

Dude himself, at this time for a relationship with a woman named Citra Trianita, who currently studying in Australia. Women are perhaps dipertemukan by close friends, Ririn Dwi Arianty.