Foto of DJ Winky wiryawan, Winki Cowok cool

The photos of DJ Winky wiryawan, Winki is very good artist

Night life is in contact with winky Wiryawan profession as a disc jockey or DJ. But, in fact, he began to recognize "the sparkling" alias dugem is not sesuad a DJ, but he sedari teenagers.

I winky, he has to know dugem since the age of 14 years, while still high school. "At the beginning high school, class I ngajak sister to play night club. Aja fraudulent. The exclamation," reminded the man, who was born on 9 December 1978 on this.

In that opportunity, winky interested to see the event DJ. Situlah of interest appears to be a DJ. "I see exciting DJ, keren banget, and I learn and can be," said the film and this sinetron. "And, so now utamaku livelihood.