The foto of Ari Wibowo very sweet Boy

Arianto Wibowo
, the original name. However, male births, Berlin, Germany, 26 December 1970 is better known by the name Ari Wibowo. Stars of the dashing career as a model of stars, the next follow brother, Ira Wibowo, as stars and film akting sinetron.

Ari originally known as the actors in the fight with aktingnya sinetron fight like thunder and dust Jacky. Men who had a red belt taekwondo that had joined the music group Cool Colors of the personelnya Ari Sihasale, Surya Saputra, and Johandy Yahya.

Meanwhile, related private life, Ari diisukan the previous close to many women, finally decided to get married Inge Anugrah in Australia. Of marriage, both of them was a child, Kenzo Wibowo, who was born on 2 February 2008