Foto Tommy Kurniawan the cool boy, Tomy is very sexy artist


Tommy Kurniawan was born in Jakarta 15 September 1984, is an advertising model, as well as actors and sinetron film.Anak youngest of 5 brothers also enter this world sinetron. Some sinetron ever dibintanginya among others, ABG, Secret Heart, Adilkah, Buruan Gue Sayang, smacker River, Habibi and Habibah, Do not Stop Mencintaiku and promise Jaya 1 & 2. Not only sinetron, Tommy also had film star Eiffel I'm In Love (2003) and controversial film, Buruan Cium Gue (2004). "Besides ngurus busy tergetnya the album release this year, I am also busy ngurus more business in the field of sports, "said Tommy.

The end of June, futsal field that Tommy build will Jatibening opened in the area, East Jakarta.

"But if the management still managed first. So far I can not ensure the cost to rent a futsal field," said Tommy about futsal field that is named futsal Station.