Aktor Pria seksi Indonesia

Anjasmara Prasetya aktor pria seksi Indonesia. Dia was born in Blitar, East Java, 13 November 1975 ago. Anjasmara initiated his career as a model before the plunge into the world sinetron. The name while he was playing meroket sinetron Romi and July with kekasihnya Dian Nitami.
Even though he actually wanted to concentrate on the model, finally high male body 175 cm this is getting busy with sinetron. Men's role as' idiotic 'and funny in sinetron Si Cecep sexi, deliver himself reach SCTV Award, a category most popular actors.

To film the big screen, actors familiar dipanggih Anjas has a role as a father in the film Joshua, Oh, Joshua (2000).
Anjasmara is Aktor cowok sexy.
Anjasmara never reap the demands of a mass religious organization. This is because these photos nearly bugil with Isabel Yahya CP Biennale exhibition in 2005, is considered poison the young generation and show pornography.

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