Foto Rian vocalis D'Masiv In the live concer

foto rian personil d'masiv
foto rian d'masivFoto Rian D'Masiv In the live concer
Pirated cassettes and CDs to make the personnel D'Masivm, Rian and his friends get tired cry. But they do not give up, the spirit of young D'Masiv remain anti pembajakan.Grup band called D'Masiv the noise. They often appear in various music events. Despite that, D'Masiv grogi when one stage with the Duo Maia. "We grogi, a fad and confused. Biar However, they are more senior. Automatic feeling worried look good so do not appear," says vocalist D'Masiv, Rian.

Luckily it does not taste grogi D'Masiv the appearance while on the stage. Penelur hits This Love Mambunuhku can appear a maximum of penonton.Tidak solace denied, sepanggung musicians with a more popular first cause of pride for D'Masiv. "An honor we can make the duet with Duo Maia. We really do not think. Moreover, we just new musicians.