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If you can calculate, how much the band group in Indonesia at this time? Very many, but only some of which I fenomenal. Fenomenal here that dare be different. One of the bands that dare to be different as the grave. atu asal Bandung band again in the music world brisk Indonesia. He is a grave Band. Media and music stage is a dirintis by KUBURAN.Dengan does not mean mengkotak-kotakan of music, even the grave of their mengproklamirkan genremusik ala HIDROLIK.KUBURAN METAL bands form in the year 2001. At first, play in the grave path Independent (indie). Year 2006, with various obstacles, courage and confidence, which perdananya album release titled 'Greatest Hits Vol.2.' On this album contains 14 songs with various types of music, ranging from DANGKER (Dangdut Hardware) to colossal music. Personnel at the grave of this album is Rully (Penyanyi core), Iqbal (Main vocalist), Urie (Pelantun Tembang), Dino (Dramer hammer), RAKA (the guitar), Denny (TheBassistman), Donny (Guitar is the melody), Udhe ( Kiboran). Success toss the papers, among them A Letter To Euis, Tua Tua Klabing (feat.Ratu Akay), 23 Year, Kembang

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